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Production management

From the very first meeting with you, we will pay attention to every detail, making sure that we understand exactly what it is that you want to convey. Our experience gives us the ability to look at your concept from different angles and offer you a variety of options in achieving your goal. Cape Town Video Productions’ ability to adapt to each client’s budget and still deliver an extremely professional, high quality finished product is what sets us aside from the rest.


Experience is not something that can be bought or studied. Experienced is earned through work in the field, refining and perfecting your craft over time. Cape Town Video Productions’ core team give you access to their combined experience of more than 50 years of working the industry. There is no challenge that cannot be overcome, no difficulty that cannot be solved. We know how to get it done properly.


We take great pride in providing our clients with the best possible product we can for the budget they have, but that does not mean we will ever sacrifice the level of competency and professionalism with which we approach each production. Whether you need us for a big budget commercial or a corporate video showcasing your business, you are guaranteed we will give it 100%

The Core Team

Steve Van Zyl Cape Town Video Productions

Rick Taylor
Producer / Videographer

“Rick has a fantastic personality, is extremely enthusiastic and completely professional, steady throughout any challenge. He is multi-talented, a necessity these days, very aware of the workings of the all departments of the film industry.”

Carl Heyns Cape Town Video Productions

Olivia Mcgrail
Line Producer

“Talented Line Producer with the ability to light up any room with her infectious energy.
Her experience belies her age, remaining level headed and calm.
She is people focused and proficient in running all sized budgets!”

Rick Taylor Cape Town Video Productions

Steve van Zyl

“A true film maker, a brilliant technician, invaluable to any team.
Has the ability to keep things running smoothly and effortlessly in every circumstance.”


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